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We support the long-term sustainable development of the Town of Innisfil while protecting the health of Lake Simcoe and our natural environment.

You can help expand the Greenbelt into Simcoe County

Do you care about our water rescources in Simcoe County? Get involved and visit to make your opinion known by the October 31st deadline for comments. 

On Wednesday October 19th a meeting was hosted by the Simcoe County Greenbelt Coalition (SCGC) at Midhurst United Church. The main message of the afternoon was that water sources in Simcoe County need to be protected.  But today’s Greenbelt almost completely avoids Simcoe County. The Province is currently reviewing the Greenbelt and SCGC is advocating for including large swaths of Simcoe County into the Greenbelt...

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Can anyone stake a claim in Lake Simcoe?

Last week Innsfil Town council put a temporary moratorium on the construction of in-water boathouses. The moratorium was put in place as a result of a request by a waterfront property owner to build a very large boathouse. The issue is whether a resident should be allowed to utilize a large portion of the lake for his own use.

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